Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 511's web site.  Boy Scout Troop 511 in Austin TX is sponsored by St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, and was founded in 1972. It is one of the larger troops in Central Texas and during its existence has produced more than 125 Eagle Scouts. Feel free to look around our site and by all means shoot us an email to learn more about the exciting world of Scouting at Troop 511.

If you're interested in our troop, we encourage you to come visit us at one of our meetings.  We meet every Tuesday at 7:00 in Huffman Hall on the St. Matthews campus.  We love to have guests any time.  Some meetings are more interesting for visitors to come to, so feel free to send us email if you're wondering which night would be best for you to come and check out out Troop 511.



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Popcorn sales are beginning!

Posted on Aug 19 2018 - 1:30pm

It's that time again! It's our annual popcorn fundraiser. Some of you have already picked up popcorn "Take Order" forms and begun taking orders from friends, family, and neighbors already. That's great! If you haven't picked up a Take Order form and would like one, please see me at an upcoming scout meeting.

Update: Railroad Switch/Railroading MB moved to Huffman Hall Sun. Aug. 5 - One Single Session 1-5:30 pm/setup 1-1:30 pm

Posted on Aug 2 2018 - 1:43pm

Railroading Merit Badge--Model-building and Hands-on Railroading Session; Sun. Aug. 5, 2018; 1 - 5:30- pm, MOVED TO HUFFMAN HALL    (Model train setup 1-1:30 pm)

Railroading Merit Badge--Classroom Session 7/31 @St. Matthews troop meeting

Posted on Aug 2 2018 - 1:38pm

Railroading Merit Badge Session 1 of 2 (Classroom and Video Session)

At this troop meeting, Troop 1407 Asst. Scoutmaster Marc Hobbs, owner of Kings Hobby Shop, will lead a Railroading Merit Badge class for Troop 511 Scouts in Huffman Hall. This class will start at 7:05 pm Tuesday July 31, 2018 right after flags, and will go until 8:30 pm. Attending this class is required for all Scouts who wish to earn the merit badge. Required uniform: Class B.

David Easter- Eagle Scout GoFundMe!

Posted on Jul 22 2018 - 5:34pm
Happy Sunday Troop 511!
I am trying to conduct an Eagle Scout project this summer and am trying to get donations to help with the costs associated with it.

Summer Camp Parents - Meet on Tuesday, Action Items!

Posted on Jul 5 2018 - 3:09pm

Hello, Summer Camp parents!

Join us this Tuesday for the last pre-camp meeting for parents of scouters headed to Colorado for summer camp!

Summer Camp: Waivers, Medical Forms & Other Action Items!

Posted on Jul 5 2018 - 11:08am
We are less than three weeks away from waving goodbye to the heat of central Texas in a plush charter bus leaving Anderson High School's parking lot! 
The bus fare is $361 for each scout. Please bring Troop 511 a check or pay for the bus on the website once the button gets posted. (It may not be there yet when this announcement is published.)
Some scouts need permission for their activities. See the list at the end and the forms attached below. Please print out these forms and bring the signed copies to Mr. Hollas over the next few meetings.
I trust your scouts are seeing their doctors and getting their medical paperwork to Mr. Youngdale. We must have all appropriate medical signatures (Part B as well as Part C must be signed for this camp), plus the detailed Colorado Immunization Form.
Check medical supplies and expiration dates. For Scouts who are bringing epipens or other medications to camp, check now to make sure that they will have an appropriate supply, in original containers with instructions and dosage information, and that nothing will reach its expiration before the end of camp. 
Prepare for allergies! Due to the very dry, warm year they are having at Ben Delatour Scout Ranch, the pollen is very heavy.  This is the worst allergy season in a very long time. Make sure your Scout has an adequate supply of any allergy medication they are taking.  Allergies, combined with the altitude can make for an unpleasant experience and a potential trip to either urgent care or the emergency room. Please take appropriate precautions before your scout's departure. 
The bus holds 55 passengers. We have 43 seats taken, so there will be plenty of room in the cab. The bus has in-seat power, a wash room, wi-fi, and a DVD player. If a scout brings a personal media player for use on the bus, they must bring headphones. This is an overnight drive, so many will be sleeping. A scout is courteous.
The cargo area will be tight. Each scout must limit their cargo to one trunk and a day pack. They can also just pack everything into a framed backpack. 
Bring water and a snack. We will stop for Sunday breakfast and lunch. More details about the drive will be forthcoming.
These scouts need permission forms (attached below) for scheduled activities:
Climbing/COPE:  Max Acosta,  Colby Lanier, Max Miller, Noah Miller, Kyle Morgan
Horses:  Max Acosta,  Jack Engler, Asher Hoffman, Ben Hoffman, Ian Hollas, Vitaly Jennings, Jack Lewis, Aidan Martinez

Both scouts and adults, please consider bringing a waiver for each of these activities just in case of schedule changes:  Climbing/COPE, Equine (Horses), and Cowboy Action Shoot. All three are attached below.

BSA Troop # 511

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