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Boy Scout Troop 511 in Austin TX is sponsored by St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, and was founded in 1972. It is one of the larger troops in Central Texas and during its existence has produced more than 125 Eagle Scouts. Scouting plays a vital role in transforming today's boys into tomorrow's men, by emphasizing timeless values such as integrity, courtesy, and obedience. Scouting also provides the opportunity through various Merit Badges for boys to learn about their world including Citizenship In The Community/Nation/World, to learn skills such as Lifesaving, Emergency Preparedness and First Aid, and to get a taste of a wide variety of professions/occupations and hobbies. Finally, Scouting also provides opportunities for Community Service. And, Scouting is FUN! Some recent Troop 511 activities:

Summer Camp 2012 at Lost Pines



On March 6-8 2009 the first-ever Camporee for the newly formed Armadillo District was held at Wolf Mountain Scout Ranch just north of Llano.  The weather was perfect for camping and everyone seemed to have a great time.  Camporee is the annual opportunity for Scouts to demonstrate and hone their Scouting skills through competition.  Some 12 central-Texas troops competed at this event.




Recent Troop 511 Eagle Projects:

Saturday 3/21/09 - Approximately 10 Scouts worked on building large, wooden tent platforms at a campground off Dessau Rd. The campground is for inner city kids who go there in Fall & Spring where their costs are paid for by area churches.

Saturday 1/24/09 - Four nice looking well constructed bases for trash receptacles were built in the AHS parking lot.  It was very cold, the temperature was 38` all day with the wind blowing, so the main part was done in record time.  On Sunday afternoon the project was completed with the installation of the four trash receptacles.

Saturday 1/17/09 - We built a chimney swift tower at Great Hills Park.  Chimney Swifts are a type of bird that eats various flying pests, including the infamous MOSQUITO!  They eat nearly ONE THIRD of their weight in flying insect pests per day!  A chimney swift tower is a tower which can house many chimney swifts.

Saturday 11/22/08 - Refurbished the Jester Community Park. The project consisted of painting, building concrete forms for a 4-square court, hop-scotch pad and bicycle rack, installing a water fountain, re-installing a sign, plus moving gravel.

Saturday 7/19/08 - Painted a football gridiron on the Anderson High School parking lot for the AHS Marching Band.

Community Service:

Blankets & Tacos (09/2008) - Troop 511 provided assistance to some evacuees of Hurricane Ike by collecting blankets, preparing breakfast tacos, and helping with setup of cots and bedding.

Bamberger Ranch cleanup (05/2009) -

 Recent Campouts:

* Goose Island (05/04/2009):  Big fishing fun, plus fine fine eating! We had the best shrimp boil and cobblers dinner that would top any top chef's recipes.


* Inks Lake (04/2009): 


* Goodwater (02/2009):  Shakedown preparation for summer backpacking trip.


Special Operations Mission (12/2007):  In this fun competition, each patrol was given a list of objectives to achieve.  The activities were largely determined by the Scouts themselves but they did not know anything specific ahead of time.  Some of these included locating and finding objects, making a supply pickup (shown here), riding a zip line, and a stealth activity.  What fun!



Buffalo Trails Scout Camp, Ft. Davis TX (Summer 2008):



Recent & Upcoming Merit Badge Offerings:

    * Horsemanship (early 2009)



Rifle (early 2009):